Reminding you of our Call to Action on software interfering with power management

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 |
Have you seen problems between software apps and your own power management?
CSCI needs to hear your examples of software on your computer that appears to cause problems with power management.  Are there software applications you just know are interfering with power management on your computer(s)?  Does your monitor NEVER dim or turn off?  Does your computer never go to Sleep, even though you've set it to do so? Tell us about the "software vs. power management" problems you see by sending a description that includes:
  1. Name of application
  2. Developer of application
  3. Version/Release of application
  4. Your Operating System and version (e.g., Windows7, OS x 10.5)
  5. A description of what happens -- or doesn't -- when you try to use power management
If you don't know what's interfering, give us #4 and #5 with as much as you'd feel comfortable telling about the applications you generally use.
Send your info to and CSCI's Power Management Workgroup will include your information in our discussions internally and especially as we engage with software developers.  Help us to help applications and power management to get along!


Rod Trent said...
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Anonymous said...

iTunes prevents sleep 90% of the time

George Goodman said...

Hi Anonymous,

If you could tell me whether you're running iTunes on Microsoft Windows or Apple OS X, I'd appreciate that additional piece of info.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed a page on Chrome prevented my PC from sleeping. (Running on Win 7).

Anonymous said...

Windows 7 64 bit.

George Goodman said...

Thanks for the update, Anonymous.

oracle ebs said...

Hey George, I share the same case with the first comment, Itunes has caused me the same issue in WinXP Pro. If you have a solution and your'e willing to share it with me I would be pleased.

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